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Well I said I was going to blog regularly, and at least for this server I'm keeping my promise.

Today I'm learning more about CoCalc, because I had an idea for some collaborative work on biological simulations. And I'm writing about it here in case other people might be interested to join me. I only know the basics of reaction kinetics, but my goal is to create a simulation of the human body at the molecular level to help us with understanding disease and drug interactions. It would be cool if we could distribute the simulation goals among a large, potentially huge group of people. Somehow we could organizae a plan, where everyone would build a little block of simulation code that would integrate with everybody elses blocks, eventually culminating to a simulation of a human body. A crazy ambitious idea I know, but I feel like it's totally possible with the knowledge and hardware we have now. We just need to get enough people to care and participate.


Hello and welcome to my blog! I don't know what I'll be posting on here yet, but I'm always coming up with new interesting subjects (at least to me) to research and post about. Let's see what I'll come up with tomorrow.

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